Scheduling tasks

The SafeGuard Management Center offers the Task Scheduler to create and schedule periodic tasks based on scripts. The tasks are automatically run by a service on the SafeGuard Enterprise Server to execute the scripts specified.

Periodic tasks are for example useful for

For these two procedures, predefined script templates are available with SafeGuard Enterprise. You can use these scripts as they are or modify them according to your requirements. For further information, Predefined scripts for periodic tasks.

As a security officer with the required rights, you can specify scripts, rules and intervals for tasks in the Task Scheduler.

Note: Make sure that the appropriate SQL permissions are set for the account that is used to run the SafeGuard Enterprise Task Scheduler. For more information, see Sophos knowledgebase article 113582.
Note: The API cannot process more than one task at the same time. If you use more than one account per task, this will lead to database access violations.