Managing PINs

As a security officer, you can change both the user PIN and the SO PIN, and also force the user PIN to be changed. This is usually required when a token is first issued. You can also initialize PINs (issue them as new and block them).
Note: To initialize, change and block PINs, you need Full access rights for the relevant users.

You can use policies to specify other PIN options for the endpoint.

Note: When you change a PIN, note that some token manufacturers specify their own PIN rules which may contradict SafeGuard Enterprise PIN rules. So it may not be possible to change a PIN in the way you want, even if it complies with the SafeGuard Enterprise PIN rules. You should always refer to the token manufacturer's PIN rules. These are displayed in the Token area under Token Information in the SafeGuard Management Center.

PINs are managed in the SafeGuard Management Center under Tokens. The token is plugged in and marked in the navigation window on the left.