Language settings

The language settings for the SafeGuard Management Center and SafeGuard Enterprise encryption software on the endpoints are as follows:

SafeGuard Management Center language

You can set the language of the SafeGuard Management Center as follows:

  • In the SafeGuard Management Center menu bar, click Tools > Options > General. Select Use user defined language and select an available language. English, German, French and Japanese are supported.

  • Restart the SafeGuard Management Center. It is displayed in the selected language.

SafeGuard Enterprise language on endpoints

You set the language of SafeGuard Enterprise on the endpoint in a policy of type General Settings in the SafeGuard Management Center, setting Customization > Language used on client:

  • If the language of the operating system is selected, SafeGuard Enterprise uses the language setting of the operating system. If the operating system language is not available in SafeGuard Enterprise, the SafeGuard Enterprise language defaults to English.

  • If one of the available languages is selected, SafeGuard Enterprise functions are displayed in the selected language on the endpoint.