User Machine Assignment

SafeGuard Enterprise manages the information about the users who are allowed to log on to a particular machine in a list which is referred to as the User Machine Assignment (UMA).

For a user to be included in the UMA, they must have logged on once to a computer on which SafeGuard Enterprise has been installed and be registered in the SafeGuard Management Center as a "full" user in terms of SafeGuard Enterprise. A "full" user is one for whom a certificate has been generated after the first logon and for whom a key ring has been created. Only then can this user data be replicated on other computers. After replication, the user can log on to this computer at the SafeGuard POA.

If the default setting applies, the first user to log on to the computer after the installation of SafeGuard Enterprise is entered as the owner of that computer in the UMA.

This attribute allows the user, after they have authenticated at SafeGuard Power-on Authentication, to enable other users to log on to that computer (see Register further SafeGuard Enterprise users). They will also be added to the UMA for this computer.

An automatic list is generated which determines which user is allowed to log on to which computer. This list can be edited in the SafeGuard Management Center.