Repair a corrupted database configuration

A corrupted database configuration can be repaired by installing SafeGuard Management Center afresh to create a new instance of the database based upon the backed up certificate files. This guarantees that all existing SafeGuard Enterprise endpoints still accept policies from the new installation.

  • The company and Master Security Officer certificates of the relevant database configuration must have been exported to .p12 files. The data must be available and valid.

  • The passwords for the two .p12 files as well as for the certificate store must be known to you.

Note: We only recommend this procedure if there is no valid database backup available. All computers that connect to a repaired backend lose their user-machine-assignment. As a consequence, Power-on Authentication is temporarily switched off. Challenge/Response mechanisms will not be available until the corresponding endpoint has successfully sent its key information again.

To repair a corrupted database configuration:

  1. Reinstall the SafeGuard Management Center installation package. Open the SafeGuard Management Center. The Configuration Wizard is started automatically.
  2. In Database Connection, check Create a new database. Under Database settings, configure the connection to the database. Click Next.
  3. In Security Officer Data, select the relevant MSO and click Import.
  4. In Import Authentication Certificate browse for the backed up certificate file. Under Key file enter and confirm the password specified for this file. Click OK.
  5. The MSO certificate is imported. Click Next.
  6. In Company Certificate, check Restore using an existing company certificate. Click Import to browse for the backed up certificate file that contains the valid company certificate. You are prompted to enter the password specified for the certificate store. Enter the password and click OK. Click Yes in the message displayed.

    The company certificate is imported.

  7. Click Next and then Finish.

The database configuration is repaired.