Create configuration package for managed computers

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, on the Tools menu, click Configuration Package Tool.
  2. Select Managed client packages.
  3. In the Primary Server drop-down box, switch to the server which was registered.
  4. If required, specify a policy group which must have been created beforehand in the SafeGuard Management Center to be applied to the computers. If you want to use service accounts for post-installation tasks on the computer, make sure that you include the respective policy setting in this first policy group, see Creating service account lists.
  5. Select the Transport Encryption mode defining how the connection between SafeGuard Enterprise Client and SafeGuard Enterprise Server is to be encrypted. For further information, see Securing transport connections with SSL.
  6. Specify an output path for the configuration package (MSI).
  7. Click Create Configuration Package.
    If you have selected SSL encryption as the Transport Encryption mode, the server connection is validated. If the connection fails, a warning message is displayed. You can ignore the message and create the client configuration package anyway. However, you have to ensure that the communication between the SafeGuard Client and the SafeGuard Server is possible using SSL.

The configuration package (MSI) has now been created in the specified directory. You now need to distribute and deploy this package to the endpoints.