Centrally administered configuration options

Policies are configured centrally in the SafeGuard Management Center. In order to initiate full disk encryption, the settings must be chosen as follows:

  1. Create a new policy of type Device Protection. For Device protection target, choose Local Storage Devices, Internal Storage, or Boot Volumes. Type a name for the policy and click OK.
  2. For Media encryption mode, select Volume based.

A new policy for device protection has been created and configured for full disk encryption for Macs.

Note: Make sure that the policy is assigned to the endpoints you want encrypted. You can assign the policy to the top level of your domain or workgroup. If IT staff take care of the installation, do not assign the policy before the endpoint computers are issued to the end users. There is the risk that the endpoint is encrypted too early and IT staff are registered for FileVault 2 instead of the end users.