Import a new domain from an Active Directory

  1. In the left-hand navigation window, click the root directory Root [filter is active].
  2. Select File > New > Import domain from Active Directory.
  3. In the action area on the right, select Synchronize.
  4. Select the required directory from the Directory DSN list and click the magnifier icon (top right).

    A graphical representation of the Active Directory structure of the organizational units (OU) in your company is displayed.

  5. Check the domain to be synchronized and click Synchronize at the bottom of the navigation area.
Note: If elements have been moved from one subtree to another in Active Directory, then both subtrees have to be synchronized with the SQL database. Synchronizing just one subtree results in deleting instead of moving the objects.
Note: AD synchronization does not synchronize the pre-Windows 2000 (NetBIOS) name of the domain, if the Domain Controller is configured with an IP address. Configure the Domain Controller to use the server name (NetBIOS or DNS) instead. The client (on which the AD synchronization is running) must be either part of the domain, or it must be able to resolve the DNS name to the target Domain Controller.