Create a new domain

Security officers with the required rights can create a new domain under the root directory. You only have to create a new domain, if you do not want to or you cannot import a domain from the Active Directory (AD) (for example because there is no AD available).

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, click Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation window on the left, right-click Root [Filter is active] and select New > Create new domain (auto registration).
  3. Under Common information, enter the following information about the domain controller.

    All two name entries must be correct. Otherwise the domain will not be synchronized.

    1. Full name: For example computer or the IP address of the domain controller
    2. Distinguished name (read-only): DNS name, for example DC=computername3,DC=domain,DC=country
    3. A domain description (optional)
    4. Netbios name: Name of the domain controller
    5. The object type is displayed under Connection state, in this case Domain.
    6. To prevent policy inheritance, you can select Block Policy Inheritance.
    7. Click OK.

The new domain is created. Users and/or computers are automatically assigned to this domain during auto-registration. The default .Auto registered directory is automatically created under the domain container. It cannot be renamed or deleted.