Select White Lists as targets for Device Protection policies for file-based encryption

Prerequisite: The required White List must have been created in the SafeGuard Management Center.

  1. In the navigation area of the SafeGuard Management Center, click Policies.
  2. In the navigation window, right-click Policy Items and select New.
  3. Select Device Protection.

    A dialog for naming the new policy is displayed.

  4. Enter a name and optionally a description for the new policy.
  5. Under Device protection target, select the relevant White List:
    • If you have created a White List for storage device models, it is displayed under Storage Device Models.

    • If you have created a White List for distinct storage devices, it is displayed under Distinct Storage Devices.

  6. Click OK.

The White List has been selected as a target for the Device Protection policy. After the policy has been transferred to the endpoint, the encryption mode selected in the policy applies.