Generate SafeGuard Enterprise Database with a script

If you want to create the SafeGuard Enterprise Database automatically during SafeGuard Management Center configuration, you can skip this step. If extended SQL permissions during SafeGuard Management Center configuration are not desirable, carry out this step. Two database scripts are provided in the product delivery (Tools folder) for this purpose:

  • CreateDatabase.sql

  • CreateTables.sql

The description of the steps below is aimed at SQL administrators and relates to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition.

As SQL administrator, you need to have the right to create a database.

  1. Copy the scripts CreateDatabase.sql and CreateTables.sql from the SafeGuard Enterprise product delivery to the SQL Server.
  2. Double-click the CreateDatabase.sql script. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is launched.
  3. Log on to the SQL Server with your credentials.
  4. Check that the two target paths at the beginning of the script, under FILENAME (MDF, LDF), exist on the local hard drive. Correct them if necessary.
  5. Click Execute from the toolbar to generate the database. You have created the database SafeGuard. Next use the CreateTables.sql script in the product delivery to generate the tables.
  6. Double-click CreateTables.sql . A further pane is opened in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  7. At the top of the script, enter use SafeGuard to select the SafeGuard Enterprise Database in which the tables are to be created.
  8. Click Execute from the Toolbar to generate the tables.

The SafeGuard Enterprise Database and the associated tables have been created.