Generate the replication databases Graz and Linz

After setting up the master database, generate the replication databases. In the example, the replication databases are called Graz and Linz.

Note: Data tables and EVENT tables are held in separate databases. Event entries are not connected by default so that the event database can be replicated to several SQL Servers to enhance performance. If EVENT tables are connected, problems may arise during replication of the data records.

To generate the replication databases:

  1. Create a publication for the master database in the Management Console of the SQL Server.

    A publication defines the set of data that is to be replicated.

  2. Select all tables, views and stored procedures for synchronization in this publication.
  3. Create the replication databases by generating a subscription for Graz and a subscription for Linz. The new Graz and Linz databases then also appear in the subscriptions SQL configuration wizard.
  4. Close the SQL configuration wizard. The replication monitor shows whether the replication mechanism runs correctly.
  5. Make sure to enter the correct database name in the first line of the SQL script. For example, use Graz or use Linz.
  6. Generate the snapshots again using the Snapshot Agent.

The replication databases Graz and Linz have been created.