Configuring ignored devices

You can define devices as ignored to exclude them from the file encryption process. You can only exclude entire devices.

  1. In the Policies navigation area, create a new policy of the type General Settings or select an existing one.
  2. Under File Encryption, click the drop-down button of the Ignored Devices field.
  3. In the editor list box:
    1. Select Network if you don't want to encrypt any data on the network.
    2. Enter the required device names to exclude specific devices from encryption. This may be useful when you need to exclude systems from third party suppliers.
      Note: You can display the names of the devices currently used in the system by using third party tools (for example OSR's Device Tree). SafeGuard Enterprise logs all devices it connects to and you can display a list of attached and ignored devices by using registry keys. For further information, see Displaying ignored and attached devices on Windows.
    You can exclude individual (network) disk drives from encryption by creating a File Encryption rule in a File Encryption policy and set the encryption Mode to Ignore. You can apply this setting only to Windows administered drives and not to Mac OS X volumes.