Initial encryption

Initial file encryption can be started from the preference pane or from the command line tool. Both administrators and end users can trigger initial encryption for files on local drives and removable media. Network shares can only be encrypted by administrators.

A policy defines, whether initial encryption is started automatically and whether local folders, removables, or cloud storage providers are encrypted.

To manually start encryption on the endpoint:

  1. Open the System Preferences.
  2. Click the Sophos Encryption icon:

  3. Select the Policies tab.
  4. Switch to Locally Translated Path view if not already opened. You can either
    1. enforce all policies by clicking the Enforce all policies button in the lower part of the window
    2. select a single policy and click the button Enforce policy.
    Note: Do not disconnect devices while the initial encryption is running.
    Note: If you want to see details and contents of the locally translated path, select the path from the table and click Show in Finder.