Create Personal Keys for multiple users

To create Personal Keys, you need the rights Create keys and Assign keys. In addition, you need Full access rights for the objects involved. To replace existing active Personal Keys, you need the right Manage Personal Keys.
  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, click Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation area, right-click the node for which you want to create Personal Keys:
    • a domain node,
    • the .Auto registered node in the root or in domains or
    • an Organizational Unit node.
  3. From the context menu, select Create Personal Keys for users.
  4. In the Create Personal Key for Users dialog:
    1. Enter a description for the Personal Keys.
    2. To hide the Personal Keys in the users' key rings, select Hide key.
    3. To replace existing active Personal Keys with the new ones, select Replace existing active Personal Keys.
  5. Click OK.
The Personal Keys are created as for all users in the selected node. In the Key tab, the keys are shown as Active Personal Keys for the users. If users already had active Personal Keys before and you have selected Replace existing active Personal Keys, the existing keys are demoted and the users receive new ones. The demoted Personal Keys remain in the users' key rings. The individual active Personal Keys cannot be assigned to other users.