Create a Personal Key for a single user

To create a Personal Key, you need the rights Create keys and Assign keys. In addition, you need Full access rights for the object involved. To replace an active Personal Key, you need the right Manage Personal Keys.
  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation area, select the required user.
  3. Right-click in the Keys tab and select Assign new key from the context menu.
  4. In the Assign new key dialog:
    1. Enter a description for the Personal Key.
    2. To hide the Personal Key in the user's key ring, select Hide key.
  5. Depending on whether you are creating a Personal Key for a user who does not have an active Personal Key yet, or for a user who does, the Assign new key dialog shows different check boxes. Select the check box displayed, to define the newly created key as a Personal Key:
    • Personal Key: This check box is displayed for users who do not have an active Personal Key yet.
    • Replace active Personal Key: This checkbox is displayed for users who already have an active Personal Key.
  6. Click OK.
The Personal Key is created for the selected user. In the Key tab, the key is shown as the Active Personal Key for the user. For a user who already had an active Personal Key before, the existing key is demoted and the user receives the new one. The demoted Personal Key remains in the user's key ring. The active Personal Key cannot be assigned to other users.