License status overview

To display the license status overview:

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center navigation area, click Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation window on the left-hand side, click the root node, the domain, the OU, the container object or the workgroup.
  3. In the action area, switch to the Licenses tab.

The license status is displayed.

The display is divided into three areas. The upper area shows the name of the customer for whom the license has been issued, plus the issue date.

The middle area provides license details. The individual columns contain the following information:
Column Explanation
Status (icon) An icon shows the license status (validity, warning message, error message) for the module in question.
Feature Shows the installed module.
Purchased Licenses Shows the number of licenses purchased for the installed module.
Used Licenses Shows the number of licenses used for the installed module.
Expires Shows the license's expiration date.
Type Shows the license type, demo or regular license.
Tolerance Limit Shows the tolerance limit specified for exceeding the number of purchased licenses.

If you display the Licenses tab for a domain/OU, the overview shows the status based on the computer in the relevant branch.

Beneath this overview are details of the licensed token modules.

In the lower area, a message with a status-specific background color (green = valid, yellow = warning, red = error) and an icon show the global status of the license regardless of the domain or OU selected. If this area shows a warning or error message, it also shows information on how to regain a valid license status.

The icons shown in the Licenses tab mean the following:

Valid license

A license for a module enters warning state if
  • the license limit is exceeded.
  • the license expired.

A license for a module enters error state if
  • the tolerance limit is exceeded.
  • the license has expired more than a month ago.

To refresh the license status overview, click Recount used licenses.