Log on in Multi Tenancy mode

The logon process to the SafeGuard Management Center is extended when you have configured several databases (Multi Tenancy), see Working with multiple database configurations (Multi Tenancy).

  1. Start the SafeGuard Management Center from the product folder of the Start menu. The Select Configuration dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the database configuration you want to use from the drop-down list and click OK.
    The selected database configuration is connected to the SafeGuard Management Center and becomes active.
  3. To authenticate at the SafeGuard Management Center, you are prompted to select the security officer name for this configuration and enter their certificate store password. Click OK.

The SafeGuard Management Center is opened and connected to the selected database configuration.

Note: If you enter an incorrect password, an error message is displayed and a delay is imposed for the next logon attempt. The delay period is increased with each failed logon attempt. Failed attempts are logged.