Manual installation of SafeGuard File Encryption

A manual (or attended) installation allows you to control and test the installation while proceeding step by step. It is performed on a single Mac.

  1. Open Sophos SafeGuard FE.dmg.
  2. After reading through the readme file, double-click Sophos SafeGuard FE.pkg and follow the installation wizard. You will be prompted for your password to allow the installation of new software. The product will be installed to the folder /Library/Sophos SafeGuard FS/.
  3. Click Close to complete the installation.
  4. Open the System Preferences and click the Sophos Encryption icon to show the product settings.
  5. Click the Server tab.
  6. If server and certificate details are shown, skip the next steps go to step 11. If no information is shown, continue with the next step.
  7. Select the configuration zip file (see Creating configuration packages) and copy it to the target machines.
  8. Drag the zip file to the Server dialog and drop it into the drop zone.
  9. You will be prompted to enter a Mac administrator password. Enter the password and click OK to confirm.
  10. Enter your Mac password to request your SafeGuard user certificate.
  11. Check the connection to the SafeGuard Enterprise server: Company certificate details are shown in the lower part of the Server dialog. Then click Synchronize. A successful connection will result in an updated "Last Contacted" time stamp (Tab Server, Server Info area, Last Contacted:). An unsuccessful connection will display the following icon:
    Refer to the system log file for further information.