Create configuration package for Macs

A configuration package for a Mac contains the server information and the company certificate. The Mac uses this information to report status information (SafeGuard POA on/off, encryption state and so on). The status information is displayed in the SafeGuard Management Center.
  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, on the Tools menu, click Configuration Package Tool.
  2. Select Managed client packages.
  3. Click Add Configuration Package.
  4. Enter a name of your choice for the configuration package.
  5. Assign a primary SafeGuard Enterprise Server (the secondary server is not necessary).
  6. Select SSL as Transport Encryption for the connection between the endpoint and SafeGuard Enterprise Server. Sophos as Transport Encryption is not supported for Mac.
  7. Specify an output path for the configuration package (ZIP).
  8. Click Create Configuration Package.
    The server connection for the SSL Transport Encryption mode is validated. If the connection fails, a warning message is displayed.

The configuration package (ZIP) has now been created in the specified directory. You now need to distribute and deploy this package to your Macs.