Create the company certificate

The company certificate is used to differentiate between SafeGuard Management installations. In combination with the MSO certificate, it allows you to restore a broken SafeGuard Enterprise Database configuration.

  1. On the Company Certificate page, select Create a new company certificate.
  2. Enter your company name.
    Note: Certificates generated by SafeGuard Enterprise, such as the company, machine, security officer, and user certificates are signed with hash algorithm SHA-256 for enhanced security in a first-time installation.

    For endpoints with SafeGuard Enterprise older than 6.1, you must select SHA-1 under Hash algorithm for generated certificates. For further information, see Change algorithm for self-signed certificates.

  3. Click Next.

The newly created company certificate is stored in the database.

Create a backup of the company certificate and store it in a safe place right after initial configuration.

To restore a broken database configuration, see Repair a corrupted database configuration.