Export the MSO certificate

The MSO certificate is exported to a private key file (P12). In Export certificate, you define a password to protect this private key file. The private key file is needed to restore a broken SafeGuard Management Center installation.

To export an MSO certificate:

  1. In Export certificate, enter and confirm a password for the private key (P12 file). The password must consist of 8 alphanumeric characters.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Enter a storage location for the private key file.

The private key is created and the file is stored in the defined location (mso_name.p12).

Important: Create a backup of the private key (p12 file) and store it in a safe place right after initial configuration. In case of PC failure the key is otherwise lost and SafeGuard Enterprise has to be reinstalled. This applies to all SafeGuard generated security officer certificates.
As soon as the security officer certificate is exported and the certificate store and the security officer are created, the wizard proceeds with the creation of the company certificate.