Assign POA users to managed endpoints

To assign POA users to managed endpoints, you need Full access or Read only rights for the relevant POA group and Full access rights for the relevant containers.
  1. In the navigation area of the SafeGuard Management Center, click Users and Computers.
  2. In the Users and Computers navigation window, select the required container.
  3. In the action area of the SafeGuard Management Center, select the POA Group Assignment tab.

    Under POA Groups on the right-hand side, all available POA groups are displayed.

  4. Drag the required POA group from POA Groups into the POA Group Assignment action area.

    The POA group’s GroupName and Group DSN are displayed in the work area.

  5. Save your changes to the database.

All members of the POA group assigned are deployed to all endpoints in the container selected.

You can unassign a POA group or change the assigned POA group by proceeding as described and dragging groups from and to the action area of the POA Group Assignment tab and the POA Groups area.

After you have saved your changes in the database, the new assignment applies.