Register information texts

The text files containing the required information have to be created before registering them in the SafeGuard Management Center. The maximum file size for information texts is 50 KB. SafeGuard Enterprise only uses Unicode UTF-16 coded texts. If you do not create the text files in this format, they will be automatically converted when they are registered. Special characters should therefore be used with caution in the information texts created for the SafeGuard POA. Some of these characters may not be displayed properly.

To register information texts:

  1. In the Policies navigation area, right-click Texts and select New > Text.
  2. Enter a name for the text to be displayed in the Text item name field.
  3. Click [...] to select the text file previously created. If the file needs to be converted, a message will be displayed.
  4. Click OK.

The new text item is displayed as a subnode below Texts in the policy navigation area. If you select a text item, its contents will be displayed in the window on the right-hand side. The text item can now be selected when creating policies.

Proceed as described to register further text items. All registered text items will be shown as subnodes.

Note: You can use the Modify Text button to add new text to existing text. When you click this button a dialog is displayed for selecting another text file. The text contained in this file is appended to the existing text.