Activate policies for individual groups

Policies are always assigned to an OU, a domain or a workgroup. They apply by default to all groups in those container objects (.Authenticated users and .Authenticated computers groups are displayed in the activation area).

However, you can also define policies and activate them for one or more groups. These policies then apply exclusively to these groups.

Note: To activate policies for individual groups, you need Full access rights for the relevant group.
  1. Assign the policy to the OU the group is contained in.
  2. .Authenticated Users and .Authenticated Computers are displayed in the activation area.
  3. Drag these two groups from the activation area to Available Groups list. In this constellation, the policy is neither effective for users nor computers.
  4. Now drag the required group (or multiple groups) from the Available Groups list into the activation area.

This policy now applies exclusively to this group.

If policies have also been assigned to the higher-ranking OU, this policy applies to this group in addition to those defined for the whole OU.