Assign policies

To assign policies, you need Full access rights to the objects involved.
  1. Click Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation window, select the required container object (for example OU or domain).
  3. Switch to the Policies tab.

    All items required for policy assignment are displayed in the action area.

  4. To assign a policy, drag the policy from the list into the Policies tab.
  5. You can define a Priority for each policy by arranging the policies in order using the context menu. The settings of higher-ranked policies override those below. If you select No Override for a policy, its settings will not be overridden by those from other policies.
    Note: If you select No Override for a low-priority policy, this policy will take higher priority than a higher-ranking policy.

    To change the Priority or the No Override setting for policies in Users and Computers, you need Full Access rights for all objects the policies are assigned to. If you do not have Full Access rights for all objects, the settings are not editable. If you try to edit these fields, an info message is displayed.

  6. The .Authenticated users and .Authenticated computers are displayed in the activation area.

The policy applies to all groups within the OU and/or domain.