Recover data by booting from an external medium

This recovery type can be applied when the user cannot access the encrypted volume any more. In this case, access to the encrypted data can be regained by booting the computer from a Windows PE recovery disk customized for SafeGuard Enterprise.


  • The user booting from the external medium must have the right to do so. This has to be configured in the computer's BIOS.

  • The computer must support booting from different media than the fixed hard drive.

To regain access to encrypted data on the computer, do the following:

  1. Obtain the SafeGuard Enterprise Windows PE disk from Sophos technical support.

    The helpdesk may download the Windows PE recovery disk with the latest SafeGuard Enterprise filter drivers from the Sophos support site. For more information, see Sophos knowledgebase article 108805.

  2. Insert the Windows PE recovery disk into the computer.
  3. Boot the computer from the recovery disk and carry out a Challenge/Response procedure with a Virtual Client. For further information, see Challenge/Response using Virtual Clients.

Access to the data stored on this partition is recovered.

Note: Depending on the BIOS in use, booting from the disk may not work.