Response for BitLocker encrypted SafeGuard Enterprise Clients - UEFI endpoints

For UEFI endpoints that meet certain requirements, SafeGuard Enterprise offers Challenge/Response for recovery. On UEFI endpoints that do not fulfill the requirements SafeGuard BitLocker management without Challenge/Response is installed automatically. To recover these endpoints see Recovery key for BitLocker encrypted SafeGuard Enterprise Clients - BIOS endpoints.
  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select Tools > Recovery to open the Recovery Wizard.
  2. On the Recovery type page, select SafeGuard Enterprise Client (managed).
  3. Under Domain, select the required domain from the list.
  4. Under Computer enter or select the required computer name. There are several ways to do so:
    • To select a name, click [...]. Then click Find now. A list of computers is displayed. Select the required computer and click OK. The computer name is displayed on the Recovery type page.

    • Type the short name of the computer directly into the field. When you click Next, the database is searched for this name. If it is found, the distinguished computer name is displayed.

    • Enter the computer name directly in the distinguished name format, for example:


  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the volume to be accessed from the list and click Next.
  7. Click Next.

    A page is displayed where you can enter the challenge code.

  8. Enter the challenge code the user has passed on to you and click Next.
  9. A response code is generated. Provide the response code to the user. A spelling aid is provided. You can also copy the response code to the clipboard.

The user can enter the response code and get access to the endpoint.