Generate a response for unmanaged endpoints using the key recovery file

Note: The key recovery file generated during installation of the SafeGuard Enterprise encryption software needs to be stored in a location that a helpdesk officer is able to access and the name of the file must be known.
  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select Tools > Recovery from the menu bar to open the Recovery Wizard.
  2. In Recovery type, select Sophos SafeGuard Client (standalone).
  3. Locate the required key recovery file by clicking the [...] button next to the Key recovery file field. For easier identification, the recovery files carry the name of the computer: computername.GUID.xml.
  4. Enter the challenge code the user has passed on to you and click Next. The challenge code is verified.

    If the challenge code has been entered correctly, the recovery action requested by the computer as well as the possible recovery actions are displayed. If the code has been entered incorrectly, Invalid challenge is displayed below the block containing the error.

  5. Select the action to be taken by the user and click Next.
  6. A response code is generated. Communicate the response code to the user. A spelling aid is provided. You may also copy the response code to the clipboard.

The user can enter the response code, perform the requested action and resume working.