Select the requested key (single key)


You must have selected the required Virtual Client in the SafeGuard Management Center Recovery Wizard and the recovery action Key requested.

  1. In the Recovery Wizard, on the Virtual Client page, select if the action is requested by a managed or unmanaged endpoint:
    • For managed endpoints, select Recovery key for SafeGuard Enterprise Client managed. Click [...]. In Find Keys, you can either display the keys by key ID or by symbolic name. Click Find now, select the key and click OK.

      Note: A response can only be initiated for assigned keys. If a key is inactive, this means that the key is not assigned to at least one user, a Virtual Client Response is not possible. In this case, the inactive key can be reassigned to any other user and a response for this key can be generated again.
    • For unmanaged endpoints, select Recovery key for Sophos SafeGuard Client standalone. Click [...] next to this option to browse for the respective file. For easier identification the recovery files carry the name of the computer: computername.GUID.xml. Select the file and click Open.

      Note: The required key recovery file needed to regain access to the computer must be accessible to the helpdesk, for example on a network share.
  2. Click Next. The page for entering the challenge code is displayed.

The requested key is transferred to the user environment within the response code.