Report Message Templates

Events are not logged with their complete event texts in the SafeGuard Enterprise Database. Only ID and the relevant parameter values are written to the database table. When the logged events are retrieved in the SafeGuard Management Center Event Viewer, the parameter values and the text templates contained in the .dll are converted into the complete event text in the current SafeGuard Management Center system language.

The templates used for event texts can be edited and processed, for example by using SQL queries. To do so, you can generate a table containing all text templates for event messages. Afterwards you can customize the templates according to your specific requirements.

To create a table containing the text templates for the individual event IDs:

  1. In the menu bar of the SafeGuard Management Center, select Tools > Options.
  2. In the Options window, go to tab Database.
  3. In the Report Message Templates area, click Create Table.

The table containing the templates for the event ID is created in the current system language and can be customized.

Note: Before the templates are generated, the table is cleared. If the templates have been generated for a specific language and a user generates the templates for a different language, the templates for the first language are deleted.