Select events

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select the Policies.
  2. Create a new Logging policy or select an existing one.

    In the action area on the right-hand side under Logging, all predefined events which can be logged are displayed. By default, the events are grouped by Level, for example Warning or Error. But you can change the grouping. By clicking on the column headers you can sort the events by ID, Category etc.

  3. To specify that an event is to be logged in the SafeGuard Enterprise Database, select the event by clicking in the column showing the database icon Log events in database. For events to be logged in the Windows Event Viewer, click in the column showing the event log icon Log in event log.

    By clicking repeatedly you can deselect the event or set it to null. If you do not define a setting for an event, the relevant default value applies.

  4. For all events selected, a green check mark is displayed in the relevant column. Save your settings.

After assigning the policy the selected events are logged in the relevant output destination.

Note: For a list of all events available for logging, see Events available for reports.