Install SafeGuard Enterprise Server

After the IIS is configured, you can install SafeGuard Enterprise Server on the IIS server. You find the install package SGNServer.msi in the product delivery.

  1. On the server where you want to install SafeGuard Enterprise Server, double-click SGNServer.msi. A wizard guides you through the necessary steps.
  2. Accept the defaults on all subsequent dialogs. Task Scheduler is automatically installed with an installation of type Complete.

SafeGuard Enterprise Server including Task Scheduler is installed.

Note: To enhance performance, the connection of logged events is deactivated for the SafeGuard Enterprise Database by default after installation of SafeGuard Enterprise Server. However, the connection of logged events is necessary for integrity protection of logged events. All entries in the event table are concatenated so that if an entry is removed this is evident and can be verified with an integrity check. To make use of integrity protection, you need to set the connection of logged events manually. For further information, see Reports.

To ensure that the installation has completed successfully, open the Internet Information Services Manager (run inetmgr) and check if a web page named SGNSRV is now available.