Edit SafeGuard Enterprise Server properties

You can edit the properties and settings for any registered server and its database connection at any time.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Configuration Package Tool.
  2. Select Servers tab and then select the required server.
  3. Carry out any of the following:
    Element Description
    Scripting allowed Click to enable the use of the SafeGuard Enterprise Management API. This allows scripting of administrative tasks.
    Win. Auth. WHD

    Click to enable Windows Authentication for Web Helpdesk. By default, the option is disabled.

    Server roles Click to select/deselect an available security officer role for the selected server.
    Add server role... Click to add further specific security officer roles for the selected server if required. You are prompted to select the server certificate. The security officer role is added and can be displayed under Server roles.
    Database connection Click [...] to configure a specific database connection for any registered web server, including database credentials and transport encryption between the web server and the database server. For further information, see Configure the database server connection. Even if the database connection check has not been successful, a new server configuration package can be created.

    You do not have to rerun the SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Wizard to update the database configuration. Simply make sure that you create a new server configuration package afterwards and distribute it to the respective server. When the updated server package is installed on the server, the new database connection can be used.

  4. Create a new server configuration package on the Server packages tab.
  5. Uninstall the old server configuration package, then install the new one on the respective server.

The new server configuration becomes active.