Assigning directory objects to a security officer

For security officers to be able to perform their tasks they need to have access rights to directory objects. Access rights can be granted to domains, organizational units (OUs) and user groups as well as to the ".Auto registered" node under the Root directory.

In Users and Computers, you can change the access rights of another security officer if you have full access for the relevant container and are responsible for the security officer in question. You cannot change your own access rights. If you assign a security officer to a directory object for the first time, the security officer inherits your access rights for this container.
Note: You cannot grant higher access rights than your own access rights to other security officers.

Prerequisite: If you want to grant/deny a security officer the right to access and manage directory objects, you need the "Users and Computers" rights "Display security officers access rights" and "Grant/deny access rights to directory". In addition, you need Full access rights for the relevant directory objects.

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select Users and Computers.
  2. In the navigation window on the left, select the required directory objects.
    Note: The navigation tree only shows the directory objects you have access rights for. If you have Full access rights, the object is displayed in black. Objects with Read only access are displayed in blue. A node that is greyed out cannot be accessed but is still shown, if there are nodes below that you have access to.
  3. In the action area on the right, click the Access tab.
  4. To assign rights for the selected objects, drag the required officer from the far right into the Access table.
  5. In the Access Rights column, select the rights you want to grant the security officer for the selected objects:
    • Full Access
    • Read only
    • Denied
    To unassign the rights granted for the selected objects, drag the security officer back to the Officers table.
  6. Click the Save icon in the toolbar to save the changes to the database.

The selected objects are available to the relevant security officer.

Note: If two security officers are working on the same SafeGuard Enterprise Database at the same time and one is changing access rights, a message is displayed to inform the other security officer and any unsaved changes are lost. If a security officer loses the access rights for a node completely, access is no longer granted and a relevant message is displayed. The navigation window is refreshed accordingly.