Delete a security officer

Prerequisite: To delete a security officer or Master Security Officer, you need the right to display and delete security officers.

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, select Security Officers.
  2. In the navigation window, right-click the security officer or Master Security Officer you want to delete and select Delete. Note that you cannot delete the officer you are logged on with.
  3. If the officer has children, you are prompted to select a new parent node for the children.

The officer is deleted from the database.

Note: A Master Security Officer explicitly created as an officer and not only promoted to security officer must always remain in the database. If a user promoted to security officer is deleted from the database, their user account is deleted from the database as well.
Note: If the officer to be deleted has been assigned a role that includes additional authentication and the officer is the only one this role is assigned to, the officer will be deleted nonetheless. It is assumed that the Master Security Officer will be able to take over additional authorization.