Edit question themes

  1. In the Policies navigation area, select the required question theme under Local Self Help questions.
  2. You can now add, modify or delete questions.
    • To add questions, right-click in the action area, to display the context menu. In the context menu, click Add. A new line is added to the question list. Enter your question on the line.

    • To modify questions, click the required question text in the action area. The question is marked by a pencil icon. Enter your changes on the question line.

    • To delete questions, select the required question by clicking on the grey box at the beginning of the question line in the action area and click Remove in the context menu of the question.

  3. To save your changes, click the Save icon in the toolbar.

The modified question theme is registered. It is transferred with the policy of the type General Settings that enables Local Self Help on the endpoints.