Alice has her own personal user key. Whenever she is logged on to her other computer ("Laptop_Alice"), she cannot access the volume that is encrypted with the boot key of the "SGNCLT" computer.

The SafeGuard Enterprise protected endpoint "SGNCLT" only has its own boot key BOOT_SGNCLT.

The Security Officer assigns the boot key "BOOT_SGNCLT" to Alice as follows:

  1. Select user Alice
  2. Click the "Binocular" icon in the SafeGuard Enterprise toolbar. This opens the search dialog which can also display boot keys.
  3. Select the "BOOT_SGNCLT" key.

Now Alice has two keys - "User_Alice" and "BOOT_SGNCLT". This can be verified under Keys & Certificates.

The "BOOT_SGNCLT" has been assigned twice - to the SGNCLT computer and to user Alice.

Alice can now access the encrypted volume of any other SafeGuard Enterprise protected endpoint computer which she is able to log on to.

She can then easily use tools such as Windows Explorer and regedit.exe to resolve the reason for the boot problem.

If, in the worst case, the problem is not resolved, she can save data on another drive, reformat the volume or set it up as new again.