Create a new task

To create tasks in the Task Scheduler, you need the security officer rights Use task scheduler and Manage tasks.

  1. In the menu bar of the SafeGuard Management Center, select Tools > Task Scheduler.

    The Task Scheduler dialog is displayed.

  2. Click the Create... button.

    The New task dialog is displayed.

  3. In the Name field, enter a unique task name.

    If the task name is not unique, a warning is displayed when you click OK to save the task.

  4. In the drop-down list of the SGN Server field, select the server the task should run on.

    The drop-down list only shows servers for which scripting is allowed. You allow scripting for a specific server when you register it in the Configuration Package Tool in the SafeGuard Management Center.

    If you select None, the task is not executed.

  5. Click the Import... button next to the Script field.

    The Select script file to import dialog is displayed.

    Note: Two predefined scripts are available in the Script Templates directory of your SafeGuard Management Center installation. The Select script file to import dialog automatically shows this directory. For further information, see Predefined scripts for periodic tasks.
    In the Task Scheduler, you can import, export and edit scripts. For further information, see Working with scripts in the Task Scheduler.
  6. Select the script you want to run with the task and click OK.

    If the script selected is empty, the OK button in the dialog remains disabled and a warning symbol is displayed.

  7. In the Start Time field, specify when the task should be run on the selected server.

    The start time displayed is rendered using the local time of the computer on which the SafeGuard Management Center is running. Internally, the start time is stored as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This allows tasks to be executed at the same moment, even if servers are in different time zones. All servers use the current time of the database server to determine when to start tasks. To allow better monitoring of tasks, the database reference time is displayed in the Task Scheduler dialog.

  8. Under Recurrence, specify how often the task should be run on the selected server.
    • To run the task once, select One time and specify the required Date.

    • To run the task daily, select Daily followed by Every day (including Saturday and Sunday) or Every weekday (Monday - Friday).

    • To run the task weekly, select Weekly and specify the required day of the week.

    • To run the task monthly, select Monthly and specify the required day of the month in a range from 1 to 31. To run the task at the end of each month, select Last from the drop-down list.

    After you have filled in all mandatory fields, the OK button becomes available.

  9. Click OK.
The task is saved in the database and displayed in the Task Scheduler overview. It is run on the selected server according to the schedule specified.