Import certificate from a file onto the token

Prerequisite: The token is issued.

You need to select this procedure for a token with Kerberos support for managed endpoints. The certificate must be recognized by SafeGuard Enterprise and added to the token. If there is already an auto-generated certificate, the imported certificate will overwrite it.

To add the private part of the certificate (.p12 file) from a file to the token:

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, click Tokens.
  2. Plug the token into the USB interface.

    SafeGuard Enterprise reads in the token.

  3. Mark the token to which you want to add the private part of the certificate and, in the work area on the right, open the Logon Information & Certificates tab.
  4. Click the P12 to token icon in the SafeGuard Management Center toolbar.
  5. Select the relevant certificate file.
  6. Enter the token PIN and the password for the .p12 file and click OK to confirm.

The private part of the certificate is added to the token. Now you need to assign it to a user, see Assign token certificates to a user. Users can then only log on with this token.