Display token/smartcard information

As a security officer, you can display information about all or individual tokens that have been issued. You can also filter overviews.

Prerequisite: The token must be plugged in.

  1. In the SafeGuard Management Center, click Tokens.
  2. To display information about an individual token, select the relevant token in the navigation area under Token Slots.

    The manufacturer, type, serial number, hardware details and PIN rules are displayed under Token Information. You can also see which user the token is assigned to.

    Note: Under Token Slots, issued tokens are displayed regardless of your access rights to the relevant users, so you can see, if the token is in use or not. If you have no or Read only access rights to the assigned user, all token data in the Token Information and Credentials and Certificates tabs are greyed out and you cannot manage this token.
  3. To display an overview on tokens, select Issued Tokens. You can display all the tokens that have been issued or filter the overview by user.

    The token's serial number, the assigned users and the issue date are displayed. You can also see if the token is blocked.

    Note: The Issued Tokens view shows the tokens for all users you have Read only or Full access rights for.