Configure token use

Carry out these steps if you want to provide tokens to the following users for authentication:
  • Users of managed endpoints
  • Security officers of the SafeGuard Management Center
  1. Initialize empty tokens.
    For further information, see Initialize a token.
  2. Install the middleware.
    For further information, see Install middleware.
  3. Activate the middleware.
    For further information, see Activate middleware.
  4. Issue tokens for users and security officers.
    For further information, see Issuing a token.
  5. Configure the logon mode.
    For further information, see Configuring logon mode.
  6. Configure further token settings, for example syntax rules for PINs.
    For further information, see Managing PINs and Managing tokens and smartcards.
  7. Assign certificates and keys to tokens/users.
    For further information, see Assigning certificates.

You can also use tokens that have data from a different application for authentication, provided that there is enough storage space for the certificates and logon information on them.

For easy token administration, SafeGuard Enterprise offers the following features:

  • Display and filter token information

  • Initialize, change, reset and block PINs

  • Read and delete token data

  • Block tokens

Note: To issue and manage tokens or modify data on issued tokens you need Full access rights to the relevant users. The Issued Tokens view only shows tokens for users for whom you have Read only or Full access rights.