Confirm users

As a security officer you have to verify users in the .Unconfirmed Users group. If they are authorized users, you have to explicitly confirm them to allow access to their key rings. Without their key ring users cannot access encrypted data.

To confirm users in the .Unconfirmed users group:

  1. In the Management Center, select the .Unconfirmed Users group.
    Users who have not been authenticated against Active Directory are listed. You can click on individual users to display detailed information in the right-hand pane.
  2. Verify if users are allowed to access the SafeGuard Enterprise key ring.
  3. If they are, select a user, right-click and click Confirm user in the context menu.
    You can confirm all users in the .Unconfirmed Users group by selecting the group itself and clicking Confirm all users in the context menu.

Confirmed users will be moved to the correct Active Directory structure and will be able to access their key ring.

Note: Confirmation of users can also be performed via scripting API calls.