Uninstall Native Device Encryption from Mac endpoints

If you need to uninstall the software from a client computer, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Mac client go to /Library.
  2. Select the folder /Sophos SafeGuard DE.
  3. Select and double-click the file Sophos SafeGuard DE Uninstaller.pkg
  4. A wizard guides you through uninstallation.

As soon as the last Sophos SafeGuard product is removed, the client configuration is deleted as well.

Note: It is not necessary to decrypt the disk before uninstalling the software.
Note: A user with administrative rights cannot be prevented from uninstalling the software. (A policy that prevents this on Windows clients has no effect on Mac clients.)
Note: The uninstaller package is signed, and OS X will try to validate this signature. This procedure may take several minutes.