Upgrade endpoint configuration packages

After upgrading the SafeGuard backend software, we strongly recommend to delete all old configuration packages for security reasons. New installations of the SafeGuard Client have to be done with an endpoint configuration package that was created using SafeGuard Management Center version 8.0. Configuration packages generated with a previous version of the SafeGuard Management Center are not supported.

Endpoint configuration packages on existing (already configured) endpoints need to be upgraded in the following cases:
  • At least one of the configured SafeGuard Servers has changed (applies to managed endpoints only).
  • The policies need to be changed (applies to standalone endpoints only).
  • To apply Certificate Change Orders (CCO).
  • When the hash algorithm that is used to sign the self-signed certificates is changed from SHA-128 to SHA-256.
Note: For further information, see section Change algorithm for self-signed certificates.
Note: You cannot downgrade an endpoint from the managed to standalone mode by uninstalling the managed configuration package and installing an unmanaged configuration package.