Upgrade SafeGuard Management Center


  • SafeGuard Management Center 6.10 or later must be installed. Versions below 6.10 must first be upgraded to SafeGuard Management Center 6.10.

  • For successful operation, version numbers of SafeGuard Enterprise Database, SafeGuard Enterprise Server and SafeGuard Management Center must match.

  • SafeGuard Management Center 8.0 can manage SafeGuard Enterprise-protected endpoints 6.0 and later.
  • .NET Framework 4.5 is required. It must be installed before the upgrade. It is provided in the SafeGuard Enterprise product delivery.

  • Make sure that you have Windows administrator rights.

  • When upgrading from SafeGuard Enterprise 5.x to SafeGuard Enterprise 8.0, you need to manually import the default evaluation license for SafeGuard Cloud Storage and SafeGuard File Encryption. This license file is provided in your product delivery.

To upgrade SafeGuard Management Center:

  1. Install the latest version of the SafeGuard Management Center installation package with the required features, see About migrating.
  2. Start the SafeGuard Management Center.
  3. The system checks the version of the SafeGuard Enterprise database and upgrades to the new version automatically.
  4. The system prompts you to back up your database prior to the update.

The SafeGuard Management Center and database are upgraded to the latest version.

After upgrading, do not transfer existing POA users to SafeGuard Enterprise-protected endpoints. They would be interpreted as normal users in this case and registered as users on the respective endpoints.

If you have exported policies for backup reasons, export them again after upgrading SafeGuard Management Center. Policies exported using older versions cannot be imported.