Assignment of user and computer groups

In Users and Computers, to view the assignment of user and computer groups you need at least Read only access rights for one of the objects (user or computer group) involved. To define or change the assignment, you need Full access rights for both of the objects involved. The UMA display showing available users/machines is filtered according to your access rights.

Note: You can assign individual users to a computer or vice versa using the same process as for groups.
  1. Click Users and Computers.
  2. To assign a group of computers to single user, select the user.
  3. Click the Computer tab in the action area.

    All computers and computer groups are displayed under Available computers.

  4. Drag the selected groups from the Available Groups list into the action area.
  5. A dialog is displayed asking whether the user should be the owner of all computers.

    If there is no specified owner in the SafeGuard Management Center, the first user to log on to this computer is automatically entered as the owner. The user is the entitled to allow other users to access this computer. The condition is that the user Can Become Owner.

    • If you answer Yes, the first user to log on to this computer becomes the owner and can allow access to other users.

    • If you answer No, the user is not the owner of this computer.

    It is not generally necessary for a service account owner to be the owner of the computer. This setting can be changed after initial assignment.

All computers from the assigned group are displayed in the action area.

The user can log on to all computers assigned in this way.

A user group can be assigned to a single computer in the same way.