Repairing an MBR with a corrupted partition table

A corrupted partition table may result in a non-bootable operating system after successful POA logon.

You can resolve this problem by using be_restore.exe to restore a previously saved MBR or repair the MBR without an MBR backup.

If you have a backup, proceed as described for the Restore MBR option.

If you do not have a backup, do as follows:

  1. Insert the Windows PE Boot CD into the drive, plug in the memory stick with the SafeGuard Enterprise files and switch the computer on to boot from the CD.
  2. When the computer is ready, go to the command prompt, navigate to the directory on the memory stick where the SafeGuard Enterprise files are located and run be_restore.exe
  3. Select Repair MBR. If be_restore.exe detects a difference between the partition table of the current MBR and the mirrored MBR, a dialog for selecting the partition table to be used is displayed.

    The mirrored MBR is the original Microsoft MBR saved during the SafeGuard Enterprise Client setup to enable you to restore it, for example if you uninstall the client. The partition table in this mirrored MBR is being kept up-to-date by SafeGuard Enterprise, if any partition changes occur in Windows.

  4. Select From Mirrored MBR.
    Important Do not select From Current MBR. If you do, the corrupted partition table from the current MBR will be used. Not only will the system in this case remain non-bootable, but also the mirrored MBR will be updated and therefore also corrupted.