Outlook Add-in for location-based encryption

Since version 8.1 the SafeGuard Enterprise Outlook Add-In for Windows is available for location-based encryption. It is available on endpoints when you install any location-based File Encryption module.

In general, the functionality for sending external emails is the same as for application-based encryption. However, for sending emails with attachments to white-listed domains, there are some caveats due to the nature of location-based encryption and the multi-key feature of Synchronized Encryption.

In the (Default) General Settings policy, you can configure what happens with attachments to emails sent to white-listed (usually internal) domains. Available options for Behavior for white-listed domains are:
  • Encrypted
  • No encryption
  • Always ask
  • Unchanged (Synchronized Encryption)

No encryption and Always ask behave the same for all File Encryption modules.

The options Encrypted and Unchanged (Synchronized Encryption) behave differently when used with Synchronized Encryption or location-based encryption.


  • Synchronized Encryption

    Encrypted files keep their encryption, the encryption key isn't changed. Plain files are encrypted with the Synchronized Encryption key, but only if the file extension is defined in the list of In-Apps.

  • Location-based encryption

    All attached files are encrypted with the Synchronized Encryption key, regardless of their file extensions and encryption status.

Unchanged (Synchronized Encryption)

  • Synchronized Encryption

    Encrypted files will be sent encrypted, plain files will be sent in plaintext.

  • Location-based encryption

    All files are encrypted with the Synchronized Encryption key.