Sharing information within the company

Using the SafeGuard Enterprise Synchronized Encryption Key makes it easy to share information internally. Every SafeGuard Enterprise user within your company will be able to read the information.

This version of SafeGuard Enterprise (SGN 8.1) allows you to configure additional encryption keys for specific locations. To be able to read files encrypted with a different key than the Synchronized Encryption key users must have this key in their key ring, see Best Practice: multi-key support for Synchronized Encryption.

Users can display their key ring by right-clicking the SafeGuard Enterprise system tray icon on the Windows taskbar and then clicking on Display > Key Ring.

You can share encrypted documents in the usual way: send them by email, put them on a network share, or copy them to a removable storage device.

You need to install the Synchronized Encryption module on the computers of all users who need to access information shared in the company.
Note Make sure you install SafeGuard Enterprise for both Windows and macOS users.